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13 Gift Ideas for Runners on Mother's Day

April 27, 2015

13 Gift Ideas for Runners on Mother's Day

My mother is not a runner, but the mother of my children (i.e. my wife, Tomoko) is very much a runner. She is naturally gifted and just seems to be able to take up running again without any trouble. We welcomed our daughter to the world just a little over one year ago, but Tomoko is back at running like nothing happened. Mother's Day is right around the corner on May 10th. Now is the time to start planning on getting them a gift they will love. Let's show our mothers love and appreciation for being awesome. If you’re looking for a way to show your favorite runner that you care and support their healthy choices, here are just 13 great gift ideas to help you start their running season off right.  The best part is that all these gift ideas for the runners in your life are $30 or less!

1. Running Sunglasses - $30

Every runner needs a good pair of running sunglasses, but many runners dislike them because they can be uncomfortable, fall off their face or just look plain ugly. The thing is, running sunglasses should be part of every runner's summer arsenal. Not only do sunglasses cut down on glare but they protect the eyes from the sun which has been implicated in ocular damage. Sunglasses01   The good news is you can get a comfortable, stylish pair of running sunglasses for around $30 - just check out the following pairs from Road Runner Sports. Sunglasses02 If you're willing to spend a bit more ($50 and up depending on lens choice), you can also check out Ryders Saber which are slick, lightweight and use hydrophilic technology to prevent the frames from slipping from your face.

2. Running Socks - $17

RunningSocs Socks are almost as important as shoes when it comes to running. The right sock can help keep feet cool and blisters at bay. Plus, as hard as runners are on socks, they can never have too many pair. A good bet is Farm to Feet's Greensboro 1/4 Crew Socks (for men / for women) which use 100% U.S. merino wool, excellent at moisture wicking, which helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. Additionally, sock are made of 100% U.S. nylon & spandex, giving you a lightweight sock that still cushions high impact areas as well as fits perfectly.

3. Road ID - $20 - $30

RoadID Road ID identification tags and wrist bracelets are a great way to help keep the runner in your life safe should they have an accident while they’re on a run. If they are unable to speak for themselves, Road ID does it for them. Road ID products can be customized and contain identifying information about the runner as well as emergency contact information. Runners make the effort to stay healthy, but even good health can’t stop an accident from happening. Gifting them a Road ID bracelet is a great way to give them, and you, a little piece of mind in the event of an accident.

4. Nathan Quickshot Plus Insulated Flask - $30

NathanQuickshot Staying hydrated on long runs is essential to staying healthy and avoiding overheating. Nathan’s 8-ounce insulated bottle gives runners an easy way to stay hydrated on the road. The adjustable hand strap has a thumbhole that makes it easy to carry, and the storage pouch is a great place to stash keys, ID cards, phones or mp3 players.

5. Re-String It - $20

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/embed/k0XGWJJhfGY[/embed] Whether it’s their favorite running hoodie or pair of shorts, every runner has dealt with the drawstring falling out in the washing machine. Getting the string back in is often a true test of patience. The Re-String It drawstring re-threader makes it a snap. What once would have been five minutes of frustration is now a 20-second afterthought.

6. Runbell - $25

GoldRunbell-Side   What list of gift ideas for runners would be complete without mentioning Runbell? The Runbell, which was named the greatest fitness accessory on Kickstarter by Outside Magazine, is a sleek, stylish, lightweight running accessory designed to provide runners with frustration free urban running. Runbell was funded on Kickstarter in June of 2014 and is now becoming a hot item in running circles worldwide. Buy now on the Runbell website or on Amazon.

7. NatureBox - $20

NatureBox If your running friend likes to have some healthy snacks on hand while running, you may want to consider getting a gift card to NatureBox. NatureBox is a month-to-month subscription service (much like BirchBox or Dollar Shave Club) that will deliver a shipment of creative, healthy snacks to your friend every month that they are subscribed. For $20 you can get a month's work of snacks which contains five large packs, none of which will contain artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or trans fat and are nutritionist approved. You can get snacks that are vegan friendly or made without gluten.

8. Tuvizo Reflective Vest - $20

TuvizoReflectiveVest Most runners that are even slightly serious when it comes to running will at some point go for a workout when it’s dark. Having some type of reflective gear that they can wear can help a runner stay safe. The Tuvizo Reflective Vest offers a large area of reflectiveness on the torso and can easily be seen in the daylight or at night time. It's light, adjustable and has some elasticity to allow for a comfortable, yet secure fit that won't restrict running motion.

9. High Density Foam Roller - $22

A foam roller can be used for more than just rehabilitating an injury - they're also great as part of any runner's warmup or cooldown routine. Using a foam roller can improve blood circulation, thus helping the body prepare for a workout as well as recover afterward. Additionally, using a foam roller can aid in the stretching process as rolling breaks down knots in the muscle that limit range of motion. Amazon offers a foam roller from Black Foam Roller that's very dense and made of high grade foam so that it should last for years without losing its shape.

10. GoFit Stretch Rope - $15

GoFitStretchRope You're probably well aware of the benefits of stretching and how it can build flexibility and relieve tension. What you may not be aware of is the fact that using rope can help you improve the stretching process. Using a rope to aid in the stretching process can allow a runner to pull their muscles a little farther than their body would normally allow, helping to reprogram the brain and body to remember new ranges of motion so that they can improve their flexibility faster. GoFit's Stretch Rope will help to open a whole new range of stretches for your the runner in your life, helping them get more flexible and stay more loose after a run.

11. Recovery Sandals - $30

RecoverySandals Running, especially long distance, can be murder to a runner's feet making the use of recovery sandals a godsend. Typically these sandals stimulate blood flow and help improve overall circulation in the feet which allows for a quicker recovery. They can also help with reducing swelling and tension. A good bet is PR Soles which use unique raised triggers that are meant to activate the nerve endings in the foot and help aid in the recovery process. Once a runner gets into a pair of these, they'll feel like their feet are being massaged as they're walking, making these sandals a perfect recovery aid and gift for any runner.

12. Sweat Activated Apparel - $16+

SweatActivatedApparel Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to really push yourself during a workout. This is where ViewSPORT's sweat-activated technology comes in. ViewSPORT's apparel is meant to get gross and sweaty... in fact the sweatier you get, the better, as their apparel is meant to display a secret message, usually inspirational message, once the clothing gets wet.

13. Headband - $14 - $18

Headband02Headband01The perfect headband should help keep the hair out of a runner's face and sweat from getting into their eyes. Janji's headbands are a great idea as they're thick, reversible and reflective. The best part about purchasing a headband from Janji is that each piece purchased from their Tanzania collection will provide six months of clean water to someone in Tanzania.  

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