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Spartan Race Comes to Malaysia - Enter to Win

August 22, 2015

Spartan Race and Runbell

Spartan Race is coming to Singapore and Malaysia!! Best part is that you can win a free entry! Spartan Race is the famous mud obstacle course that is taking the world by storm. Imagine military style obstacle course made for everyone. Spartan Race is similar to the Sasuke Challenge in Japan, known as Ninja Warrior in the US. I love this show and always wanted to join their races. Spartan Race gives you a chance to be a ninja, marine, or whatever you dream to be. Runbell is teaming up with Spartan Race to offer one lucky winner a free entry into the race plus a free Runbell. All you have to do is enter at the end of this page. The free entry is for the October 10th race in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1-3pm time slot. The race has two distances: 6km and 22km. Both with plenty of obstacles. Check out the race you could win a free entry to here - Spartan Race October 10th. I think ultra marathon runs are tough, but I haven't tried a 22km obstacle course! High five to all that do! Need help training. Download their 30-day training kit. You still have six weeks to race day! http://spartanrace.sg/30-day-training-plan/ Get your sense of adventure salivating. Check out their promotional video:


Obstacles vary from race to race so sign up and prepare to be surprised. What happens if an obstacle is too hard and you can't do it? Just take your 30 burpee penalty and move on.

What are some of the common obstacles?

The Fire Jump is usually at the end of a race:

They also have ramps with mud at the bottom. I don't recommend going head first. Looks like someone lost their step.

Another challenge: Lift this huge tractor tire a few times.

A particular hard challenge is to pull yourself over this wire without falling into the water below. Do you want to be on top or below the wire? That is your call. Try it! What happens if you fall in the water? Take your 30 burpee penalty and move on.

I would probably find the wall scaling a tough challenge. I am runner that needs more upper body strength. Can you do it?

Spartan Race welcomes teams and what better way to enjoy a race! Get some good friends together and do the Spartan Race together.


The beginning of the race can get crowded but people spread out pretty quickly. The race has running blocks to allow more people to join the race without overcrowding the obstacles. Our free entry in this giveaway is for the 1-3pm time slot.


Success is awesome. Enjoy the race and remember to bring a change of clothes. I am sure you will get muddy.  WallScaling

    a Rafflecopter giveaway  Please know that Runbell is no way affiliated with Spartan Race and that we have received zero compensation for this post (except the free entry that we are giving away). We love the concept and are happy to support Spartan Race coming to Singapore and Malaysia. Kevin

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