What to Wear When Running in Rainy Weather

August 31, 2015

Rainy weather doesn't necessarily have to force you to run on the treadmill or lay out on the couch. If you don't mind getting a bit wet, running in the rain can be an intense, yet enjoyable running experience.

Running in the rain forces you to exercise more muscles as your body compensates for the slick conditions and helps you develop mental toughness... not to mention, you'll probably have the roads and trails to yourself, which can make it all the more enjoyable to go for a run while it's pouring.

And because the majority of races don't get cancelled just because of a bit of rain, we've decided to compile a list of gear that'll make your run in the rain that much more comfortable.

Reflective Gear

Select outer layers that are very bright or light-colored and have reflective strips, since running in the rain often means poor visibility. Check out our article on essential night time running gear which discusses multiple reflective options to make sure that you're visible at all times.

Hat or Visor

Having a hat or visor with a brim will prevent the rain from getting into your eyes.


Ideally, if you're running in the rain, then you have sneakers with some grooves on their soles so that you can have better traction when running on the road. Sneakers that have smooth soles can make it difficult to run without slipping.

You should also consider a shoe that's made of Gore-Tex or some other waterproof material to prevent your feet from getting wet. If you don't have waterproof sneakers, then you should consider wearing thin socks so that there isn't as much water absorption.

Jacket or Vest

Having a lightweight, waterproof shell jacket for cold, rainy runs can help with keeping you fairly dry. If it's a warmer, rainy day, then you'll want to try a lightweight waterproof jacket or vest. If you want to keep it cheap, you could just use a large garbage bag with a hole for your head.

Wicking Socks

This is especially important if the running sneakers you were during your run in the rain aren't waterproof. Cotton socks will get soggy and squishy, which can lead to blisters. Check out these socks from Swiftwick or Drymax.


Most runners deal with chaffing at some point or another. It's typically the result of consistent friction between skin and clothing or skin-to-skin. Moisture, either from sweat or rain, only worsens chafing. Some type of anti-chafe balm such as Body Glide or petroleum jelly can help ensure a pain free run in the rain.

Anything else

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. What gear do you use in the rain?


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