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The Top 10 Running Gifts for 2020

November 23, 2020

The Top 10 Running Gifts for 2020

The best list for running gear in 2020 is now here! Check out our number one picks that you and your running friends will absolutely love.  

Shopping for friends and family can be tough. We've done the shopping. You just need to pick from our list and your running friend will love you for it.  

The Best Belt For Running - SPI Belt

If I need to run with anything more than a key then I always grab my SPI belt. It fits my phone perfectly and fits tight to eliminate bounce. Tons of color options makes it fun to choose your favorite. 


The Go To Gator for Runners

With the Covid pandemic still out of control wearing a mask while you run is essential. If you are like me, then you also have trouble wearing a mask for your whole run. We're gasping for oxygen after all. 

For this reason, a gator is the perfect solution for runners. Leave it low around your neck for most of your run, but pull it up like a mask when you need pass someone. 

Stay in shape during this pandemic and respect your neighbors. Mask up!



The Best Calf Compression on the Market

Calf compression feels so good, helps you increase speed on your run, and improves your visibility. In the winter months, the extra layer also keeps you warm. This item is an easy win. 

The Best Garmin Watch for Runners

If you have the budget, a Garmin watch is by far the best watch to get. Run, swim, or just track your daily steps. The Garmin watches are the go to watch for runners. I finally got one as a birthday present from my wife and use it every day. Plus I love the style. 


The Best Cleats for Snow and Ice Running

Ice and snow doesn't mean the end of your running days. You just need to be prepared. These cleats add to your running shoes and keeps a great grip to the ground to avoid slips and falls. 


Foam Rolling Changed My Life

Foam rolling has seriously changed my life. Two years ago a doctor reviewed an MRI of my knee. My knee had serious inflammation and I had trouble walking as far as a few blocks. He suggested I find a new sport and stop running. 

Luckily, I was persistent and found a new physical therapist who had the simple solution of foam rolling. Seriously, basic exercises and foam rolling got me back into my running groove. The pain was excruciating during my first rolls. Now before every run I roll. My knee pain is a thing of the past and I am loving my ability to run again! Seriously, if you have never rolled, then you have try it out! 

Ring in the new year with Runbell

Never slow down, never risk giving pedestrians a heart attack when passing - and now in the pandemic, keeping a good distance is easy. Just use your thumb and alert others of your approach. Ring ring!


Banish Smelly Shoes to a Bygone Era

I keep my running shoes permanently left on the front porch which is an eye sore. Their putrid smell keeps them out of the house.

Smell is no longer a problem with these simple charcoal smell absorbers. Welcome back to the house running shoes. 

Keep your Head Warm with this Beanie

Staying warm during your run can be tough. Put on too many layers and you'll find yourself unbearably hot. Solution, keep your head warm with this smart wool beanie and leave the rest of your body lightly layered. This smart wool beanie is simple, but an awesome accessory for runners. 

The Best Sandals for Running and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Running shoes are over rated. Build up your feet muscles, improve balance, and increase your speed with these running sandals from Luna. Made to order in their Seattle workshop. Order early to get yours on time for the holidays!

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