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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should use Runbell?

Runbell is ideal for runners or joggers who encounter other people while out on a run. If you run on crowded city sidewalks or on jogging paths that get a lot of use, Runbell can help you signal your approach to others.

What are the benefits of Runbell?

Runbell lets you alert pedestrians, bicyclists, and other joggers that you are drawing near, without having to shout a verbal warning. It produces a bright, clear ring! that cuts through ambient noise. It is also a more polite solution than a warning shout or a last-second, grunted, “Coming through!”

Are there disadvantages to using Runbell?

Although most pedestrians appreciate a Runbell alert, some may bristle at the perception that you want them to move out of your way. “Why should we move?” some people ask. “We were here first.”

Nevertheless, use of Runbell is not meant to assign priority to runners. It is simply a polite way to alert others of your presence. Even if pedestrians do not choose to move out of your path, at least they are aware that you are coming and won’t accidentally step in front of you.

Running is a mostly silent activity, despite the sounds of footfalls and deep breathing. A clear ring of a bell to let someone know you are there is a considerate act, whether that someone agrees with you or not.

When should I ring my Runbell?

A good rule of thumb is to ring the bell when you are about 30 feet away from another pedestrian. This gives others about three seconds to get out of your way without losing their footing or balance. However, this “three-second rule” can vary. Cyclists move more quickly, but bikes are more difficult to maneuver. Older pedestrians, in particular, require more time to react.

What if pedestrians don’t get out of my way?

Runbell is a tool that helps runners safely share paths and sidewalks with others. Even if a pedestrian or cyclist should fail to get out of your way after you signal with Runbell, that is no excuse to barrel through a gaggle of sightseers or race into a skateboarder’s path. Use common sense when approaching others, and avoid tight bottlenecks. Most importantly, be polite.

How do I wear a Runbell?

Wear Runbell so that the dome of the bell rides atop your knuckles. This keeps the palms of your hands free for turning doorknobs, picking up objects, or bracing yourself against a fall.

Is Runbell right-handed or left-handed?

You can wear Runbell on either hand with equal ease.

How do I ring the bell?

To produce the bell sound with Runbell, simply flick the striker with your thumb. The striker spring flexes, and then springs back to strike the dome of the bell. You can either push the striker forward, or pull the striker to the side, whichever motion is easier for you.

What are shipping costs, and how long does Runbell take to arrive?

Shipping for U.S. orders is FREE 

Shipping for Canada $14.99 

Shipping for UK $19.99

All orders ship from our Portland, OR headquarters. 

Does Runbell have a warranty?

If the product you purchased is flawed or doesn’t perform as expected, we will make things right. During production we have reviewed each Runbell, one by one. However, we might have missed something. Simply let us know by email what’s broken or what doesn’t perform as expected. 


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