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    How to Use Runbell 

    How to Strike Runbell

    ① Fit on Your Fingers

    Slide Runbell onto your index and middle finger. Adjust with the removable silicone inserts. Reach with your thumb, and push the hammer forward or pull to the side. Release, and enjoy Runbell’s signature ching!

    ② The 3-Second Rule

    Before passing a pedestrian, ring Runbell when you are about 30 feet behind them. At a typical jogging pace of 7 to 9 minutes per mile, 30 feet gives pedestrians about 3 seconds to respond.

    ③ Say, "Thank You"

    After passing people, be sure to thank them for giving you room. Raise your hand, wave your Runbell, and say, “Thank you!” Let them wonder, "What is that shiny thing on that runner's hand?"