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Runbell Quotes


Simple Yet Ingenious

Runbell lets you alert pedestrians, bicyclists, and other joggers that you are drawing near, without having to shout a verbal warning. It produces a bright, clear “ring! ring!” that cuts through ambient noise. It is also a more polite solution than a warning shout or a last-second, grunted, “Coming through!”


Adjustable to Your Fingers

We designed Runbell to be slightly oversized, to fit even large hands comfortably. Two pairs of silicone inserts are included with every Runbell, so you can reduce the ring size to fit YOUR finger perfectly. On cold days, leave out the insert and wear Runbell over your gloves. 



Fit Your Fingers

Slide Runbell onto your index and middle finger. Adjust with the removable silicone inserts.

Ring Ring

Reach with your thumb, and push the hammer forward or pull to the side. Release, and enjoy Runbell’s signature ching!

Say "Thank You"

After passing people, be sure to thank them for giving you room. Raise your hand, wave your Runbell, and say, “Thank you!”