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Torch Ring Max 350 - Dominate the Darkness

Meet Torch Ring!

A Powerful LED Light For Runners

If you see better, then you will run better. Designed with runners in mind, this light will give you improved depth perception and freedom of control.
With its ergonomic and compact design, Torch Ring slides right on your finger for grip-free comfort and uses state-of-the-art LEDs that brighten your path with 350 lumens of bright light.
Silicone adjusters allow for a tight fit on your finger. You don't hold Torch Ring. You wear it. 

Why Torch Ring?

Have you ever wanted to go for a quick run at night or in the early morning?

However, your running path is dark and drivers and bikers are busy trying to get where they are going.

You need to light up the path ahead and alert others of your presence.

Torch Ring is perfect for you.


You Just Wear it on Your Finger

Torch Ring is wearable. You don't hold it!

Torch Ring is Head-Free. Torch Ring illuminates where you point it, not where you are looking. Enjoy your freedom of control. Combine with a headlamp for added brightness.

And best of all,  Torch Ring is super easy to use. 

You just wear it on your finger. That's it.

Imagine that you can achieve your exercise goal even when you are being busy at work.

Imagine that you can always go get some fresh air before bedtime.


The Torch Ring makes your night time activities more enjoyable and more comfortable.

May the Torch Ring be with you for your adventure.


 Light up any trail - TorchRing uses a single powerful LED for optimal brightness and battery efficiency. Reach up to 150 feet with up to 350 lumens of bright light!

You choose where to light up with the simple movement of your hand. Illuminate the tree root on the trail ahead, alert the distracted driver on your left or simply be seen by others. The movement of your arms creates visibility and alerts cars and others of your presence.

Alert cars before you cross the street. 

Light up and avoid tree roots on your path. 


Wide & Spot Beam

Torch Ring creates an illumination tunnel.

You can see both of your sides and front.  People or drivers can't miss you even from your behind.

Torch Ring brightness reaches up to 150 feet ahead at maximum brightness.


Our hybrid lens uses a reflector and collimator lens to achieve a wide irradiation angle in combination with a spot beam to give you the best of both wide and focused beams. 


 Our durable and tough body is water resistant withstanding sweat and rain so that you can enjoy your Torch Ring in the rain or shine.   

Torch Ring has been third party tested and is IPX4 water proof. Use Torch Ring with confidence!

Have you ever run with a friend only to blind them with your head lamp? Light up the exact spot you desire and save your friend's eyes. The power button is always within reach to dim or turn off as needed. 

Wear Torch Ring like a championship ring. Hold out your hand for all to see - a simple ring with a light on top. The battery is hidden in the palm of your hand in an ergonomic shape that fits the curvature of your fingers. Designed large enough to pack serious juice, but small enough to disappear.

Let’s face it! Headlamps are limited to illuminating the path in front of you and only at a predetermined fixed angle. However, runners also need to illuminate side streets and alert cars without necessarily turning your head.

Torch Ring is the solution. It gives you the versatility to illuminate the exact spot you desire leading to a better quality run. 


Easy-to-Press Button

Torch Ring is compact yet designed with a big & easy-to-press button. 

Four Simple Settings

 350 lumens - the brightness you want for any situation

 175 lumens - brighten up your camp and tent

 80 lumens - extend your outdoor adventure

 Strobe - gain attention and be seen even in the daytime 


Efficient Design

Torch Ring uses a constant current driver which pulls current at a constant rate from the battery to power the LED. More current means a brighter light. An LED flashlight without a constant current driver has variable current as the LED heats up and current begins to drop. Lower current means the LED dims with the flip side of increased run times. 

The graphic below illustrates Torch Ring versus two competitor flashlights. Competitor 1 drops off quickly, but maintains a long runtime. Competitor 2 drops off slowly with time and has a middle ground run time. 

As a passionate user of our own products, we have aimed to cut through the BS and provide a constantly bright flashlight that does what it says it does. Our time lapse tests confirm Torch Ring is delivering constant brightness. 


Four silicone rings allow adjustment to optimize the fit of Torch Ring to your fingers. With an over sized main ring, Torch Ring downsizes with silicone inserts to fit your finger size. For winter running remove the inserts and Torch Ring will still fit with your winter running gloves.

Use on your left or right hand. Torch Ring fits both hands equally well.


Ergonomic Weight Distribution

The Torch Ring weights only 70g.

The weight of the light and the heat sink balances the weight of the battery below.

The result is a light that balances in your palm and feels lighter than it really is. 



Torch Ring uses USB Type C technology and includes a  power cable to charge your light quickly. 

One of our core principles is to minimize resources and maximize use in a strive towards sustainable product design. Our rechargeable batteries last for approximately 1000 cycles. A single non-rechargeable batteries (an equivalent CR123A) costs approximately $2 and ends up in the garbage after use. Over the life-cycle of our product you’ll save over $1300 and keep more than 650 batteries out of landfills. Multiply this number by the number of Torch Ring customers and we can make a significant environmental contribution.


Torch Ring / USB cable (type C) / Four silicon adjuster