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    Why Use Runbell

    Runbell vs. Your Voice

    To alert others with your voice, you must shout loudly if you are to be heard from 30 feet away. But this can be difficult, especially if you are winded from your run. Moreover, shouting can startle pedestrians, which can be uncomfortable for everyone.

    Instead, use Runbell. It provides a clear, bright, and polite ding to alert others to your presence from 30 feet out, which gives pedestrians time to react.

    Runbell vs. Passive Bells

    Passive bells—especially bear bellsare popular with trail runners. The downside of these is that they ring constantly during your run whether it’s necessary or not. Some trail runs (Ultra Trail Mount Fuji, for example) actually ban bear bells to avoid annoying the bears during nesting season. Use an active bell like Runbell instead.

    Be a Better Runner

    Commit to being a better runner today. Pick up a Runbell for yourself, a friend or loved one, or anyone you know who runs.