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Original Runbell

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Introducing Runbell

The Greatest Fitness Accessory on Kickstarter - Outside Online

Love my Runbell. Never have to slow down, never risk giving pedestrians a heart attack when passing – and now, in corona times, keeping a good distance is easy.

Maintain Six Feet

Simple to Use: Fit your Fingers, Pull Back, and Release

Customer Reviews

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Great product! Easy and comfortable to wear and resonates a nice, loud sound. I like how I can also control how loud it rings depending on the noise level of street/path I'm on.

Great addition for safety

Great way to stay safe and fits nicely in my hand.

Lee Loughridge
I love runbell!

I live in Singapore and actually have a great place to run where most of the route is wide and not many problems with strolling pedestrians, but there are few narrow places and a couple bridges that can cause problems. As mentioned somewhere in the website, shouting "excuse me" doesn't work. When I do that, people just turn around and look and do not move aside. The bell normally works perfectly where people move aside so that a bicycle can pass. They usually seem confused and are looking around for a bicycle. Depending on the situation, sometimes I will hold the bell so that it will not make the bell sound, and click the bell and walkers will move aside.

I also use runbell when I ride my eclectic scoter. The scoter has a horn, but it is loud and seems very rude.

I recently lost my runbell and just bought a replacement. Not exactly sure that it is lost. I suspect that our 3 year old has misplaced it.

Duncan Ross
London City Runners

I run in London with London City Runners, around a very scenic but busy 6k loop (think Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Millennium Bridge (the wobbly one), Tate Modern, the Globe, Southwark Cathedral, HMS Belfast). Runbell helps avoid tourists - or it did, pre-Covid - and saves collisions around tight corners...

It's much admired in the club!


Stuart Jonas
Fantastic products

Just wanted to let you know how much I like Runbell and Torch ring! Both of these are fantastic products! The runbell I use on my walks through Downtown DC on my lunch break. With so many tourists and bicyclists, the sidewalks get very crowded one little ring and people understand that someone (me!) is walking with a purpose!

The Torch ring I use on my night runs through my neighborhood. Cars are pedestrians are alerted to my presence. I also use it on my commute. I am usually up before sunrise and come home when it’s dark. It has saved e on more than one occasion from drivers and bikers. It even helped me catch my bus!

To say I’m a fan would be an understatement. I really enjoy the design and feel of both products. As well as been well designed and have saved me from commuters, bikers and pedestrians. Now that I know I can catch my bus, we’ll that’s just icing upon icing (and who doesn’t like icing?) on that delicious cake!
Thanks for both of these products!
Sorry for the long message.